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Why do you not just wash it down with water?


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CATWS vs Captain America comics

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This was originally a cooldown sketch after animating, and somehow my firends and I were talking about Gamora. So I decided to turn it into this. I think Gamora would look amazing in a black gown haha :> And lasso tool is fun to use and really fast for colouring hehe

I think i’m going to make this as a print and do the rest of the guardians in their nice suits. Stay tune peeps UoU

And Welcome to all my new followers and Hi to my old followers!! Right now I just reach 350 followers!! Thank you so much for staying with me for all these time!!! <3

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ms. marvel vol. 3 #003

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Clint is mean to Pete



parents: "let’s talk about your future" 


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The whole “otherkin” movement on tumblr is un-fucking-real.

If you want to say you’re a plant or a fictional character, idgaf. But if you’re going to make up reasons why you’re somehow oppressed because of this, you’re fucking ridiculous. People naming their kids after flowers, giving them nature names, is not cultural appropriation. You don’t fucking own the earth because you believe you’re a plant.

Cultural appropriation is a real thing that happens because real people bastardize a culture and strip elements of that culture of its historical significance, there are actual societal consequences. Plants have not had a history of being shamed for being plants.

Cosplay and fursuits are not cultural appropriation of people who claim to actually be fictional characters. People are allowed to create and share in their love of a character or a series. It’s not cultural appropriation because you claim you own it. Because guess what, you don’t. You don’t own it. You’re not the writer. It didn’t come from you.

You can’t just make up a movement with zero basis in society. PoC, queer people, etc, are dehumanized on a large scale every fucking day and denied basic human rights. I was bullied in high school for being just an awkward dork weirdo but that does not make me oppressed based on interpersonal experiences.