Hi guys!
I’m just about ready to leave for vacation for two weeks, so I’ll be gone for a bit!
See you all later c:

jason todd calling grayson’s selfies ‘dick pics’

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[angry luke noises]

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wow, okay, that is a lot of stress and negativity for today! i call this solution “going to my happy place.” today’s episode includes the following: 

dick grayson energetically doing squats in colourful 80s workout gear in the middle of the batcave with lmfao blaring. 

get to know me meme [2/5] male characters: ben wyatt

"Nerd culture is mainstream now."
#Remy LeBeau


He’s adorable! What’s his name?

Oliver. And the orange one is Lucifer, and the white one is Figaro.

All New X-Factor #3

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DD > Didio

literally why we can’t have nice things

oh hey this is decopuaged on that chest I have in albionn huss

Well. this day just keeps getting better and better. Rocket Raccoon #1

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"ha ha fucking nerds" jason todd says despite the fact that he just said the word ‘bamboozled’ 5 mins ago.

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